About Me

Mark Lidster – DipCHyp

For over 13 years Mark has been running a successful clinical practice in London at HA2 Hypnotherapy . Here he has helped countless clients control and manage all kinds of anxiety related conditions including Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Weight Control, Personal Development, Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol), Low Self-Confidence and Low Self-Esteem, Raising Motivation, Psychosexual issues and many phobias including Public Speaking, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, and many more.

Using hypnotherapy, talking therapies and his highly successful Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. Methods, as well his own personal journey through a troubled childhood and an anxiety dominated adulthood, Mark has a multitude of tools and experiences which he uses to help resolve any anxiety related issue his clients may be facing.

As well as his thriving practice Mark also runs anxiety workshops and group hypnotherapy sessions across the UK, hypnotising 5 – 50 plus people at any one time.


Mark is also very keen on using fitness and physical activity as an extremely effective anxiety coping tool and promotes this through his very popular YouTube Fitness channel, Mark Lidster – Fitnessgeezer.

With over 20K followers and 2 million plus views on his videos, Mark has gained a loyal and enthusiastic tribe of supporters following his Maxim “Age Is Just A Number”.

Mark also offers mentoring services to men in their mid life who have lost their way and are looking to regain their “Mojo” and purpose in life from both a physiological and psychological point of view.