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The most comprehensive online solution to help you master your anxiety. Containing over 15 hours of clinically proven hypnotherapy, talking therapies, teaching, guidance, advice and multiple coping strategies. Created and presented by Mark Lidster a highly successful London based anxiety therapist with over 15 years of clinical experience.

Video Testimonials About The Course

Charly from London
Kabir from Austin, Texas

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What’s Included in the Course

Now let’s take a look at what you’re getting. You can also open up the lessons below to see the exact content :

  • Receive clinically proven, safe and natural hypnotherapy and talking therapies to positively alter your existing anxious behaviours to compliment all of the learnings from the program. 
  • Understand and keep onboard the real reasons behind why you experience anxiety and so diminish the fear and stress anxiety creates.
  • Be able to control and diminish your anxiety/stress levels in any situation you find yourself in.
  • Stop ruminating about your past and no longer worry needlessly about your future.
  • Be able to address and resolve past issues that used to fuel your anxious thoughts.
  • Feel much more relaxed and content about yourself and your life. 
  • Resolve any feelings of guilt, shame or failure within yourself.
  • Resolve past traumas
  • Develop an optimum, resilient mindset to help you cope successfully with all kinds of life events and interactions with others. 
  • Understand and create better and more equal relationships with anyone in your life.
  • Be in a much better shape to discover or rediscover a life partner with whom you can share your life.
  • Be able to feel much more secure and confident in all kinds of social and life situations. 
  • Feel so much better about who you are. Learn to like and even love yourself and how to prioritise on your own needs before those of others.
  • Become much more confident and self-assured with a higher sense of self-esteem.
  • Not feel the need for external affirmations to make you feel good about who or what you are.
  • Conquer any fears that have previously held you back.
  • Call upon a comprehensive set of tools and methods to help you maintain your new positive behaviour and conditioning at any time you need them.

This program is based upon my clinically proven Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. methods, which I’ve used over 15 years of clinical practice, to successfully help countless clients to discover and enjoy fulfilling emotional freedom to break free from the entrapment of their anxious thoughts and mindsets.

By combining my talking therapy, hypnotherapy, teachings, guidance, advice and coping strategies  I’m providing you here with the maximum opportunity to resolve your anxiety issues.

When you follow this course, all that I ask of you is that you:

  1. Have a desire to change
  2. Are willing to participate, practise and follow my guidance throughout the comprehensive series of lessons and therapy that I will give you.

If you can do these two things you will gain the maximum benefit from this course program. 

Also included in this course are 3 really useful Bonus Hypnotherapy sessions. 

Bonus #1 – Hypnosis to Break any Bad Habit 
If you’ve got a bad habit that you want to stop, but no matter what you try, your will power just isn’t enough to stop it, then within this hypnotic session you’ll be guided to calm and change that behaviour without any force or effort. You see as you’ll find out soon, using will power alone is not the best way of convincing the subconscious mind to change its behaviour.

Bonus #2 – Learn how to hypnotise yourself and plant your own messages
Have you ever wanted to hypnotise yourself and plant your own messages? To change something about you that you don’t like.
Whether it’s simply to relax or to gain greater control of what you do, this hypnotic session will help you start that journey to mastering that skill.

Bonus #3 Hypnosis to Increase your Motivation to Exercise
None of us are getting any younger, but we know there are important things we need to do to make our lives healthier.
One of these is to do regular exercise.
But knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. And when it comes to exercise how many of you find yourself just putting it off and making excuses like,
“I just don’t have the time”
“I can’t afford to go to the gym”
“I’ll do it next year”
“Ah It’s just so boring”
That’s why I’ve included in your free bonuses a powerful hypnotic session that will really change the way you exercise in future, enabling you to go and on and live a healthier longer life.

More Testimonials

Here are some of the many personally rewarding reviews I’ve received from countless clients that I’ve worked with both on the courses and in person over my 15 years in practice.

I undertook this therapy, as I do with most things, with an open heart but a slightly questioning mind…
Mark’s therapy changed my life.
At the beginning of April I had got to the stage where I was so debilitated by anxiety (& low self-esteem) that simple tasks like crossing a road were almost impossible. Despite having had a year of CBT and counselling, that had helped resolve so many things, my deep rooted anxiety was spiralling uncontrollably.
On the course Mark’s therapy and guidance helped me to dissect the fear, rationalise it, and, through a series of facts mixed with hypnotherapy, work through it.
My anxiety radio now plays a lovely tune. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for it to click in, but it does. A bit like finally finding the calming classical music station versus always listening to the overwhelming high octane news station.
I’m finally able to enjoy life again.
My motto now – new week, new me!
Sara B
Wow. So after years of searching for truth to life and humanity to help me mainly understand my self. Going back from one person to another. Some did help but, not the way Mark has helped me.
I was contemplating before whether or not to try this. My cousin though, who I trust, highly recommended it.
I also never had therapy before but found this course really amazing.
The way he break things down is phenomenal and brings epiphanies to me as he is speaking.
He’s also very kind and has great energy.
Extremely recommended.
As cliche as this sounds, don’t think if you feel stuck in life.
Or you feel like your don’t have the money, trust me it’s worth the money and cutting back expenses.
Kabir Sharma
Digital Marketing

Mark Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for helping me control my anxiety, i feel a lot more relaxed, confident and most of all more happy:) and look forward to each new day. I loved your sessions whether it was hypnotherapy or just plain talking. I loved your honesty, knowledge and the fact you were not trying to upsell. Thank you for being genuine and kind.
Ayan Patel
Business Owner
Mark’s course has helped me tremendously. His mix of therapy and hypnosis eased my anxiety issues and has left me with coping strategies that I can continue to use. This course is worth every penny, I cannot recommend it enough. Really changed my life!
Alexandra Hurst
Graphical Artist

Mark’s course was recommended to me and I am very thankful that it was. He has a unique perspective and way of setting things out and explaining them which I have found to really help my understanding of things. Any doubts I had about hypnotherapy were put at rest very quickly by Mark’s professionalism and the relaxing atmosphere he creates. I feel more confident in myself, less stressed, less anxious and less aggressive. This has happened within only a matter of weeks which has surprised me as much as anyone. Thank you Mark for helping me to make such a positive change. I would suggest if you are reading this review then follow through and give Mark’s course a try. I’m glad I did.
Ben Knightly
Mark was very quickly able to build a space that felt safe and full of trust. His natural communication style and sharing a bit about himself helped me to feel at ease to share honestly my experience and concerns within minutes. The work we did together had a positive impact on my life pretty much immediately and larger and more profound changes occurred over the weeks that followed. The sessions themselves were in my experience deeply relaxing and also re-energising which was super. It is the on-going changes to my quality of life though, that is the biggest benefit. My anxiety levels have reduced by a huge amount and I feel much much more confident and grounded in myself which is very liberating. I’m also able to more easily find the positives in any situation and life is lighter and more joyful. These changes have taken place over a relatively short period of time, and I am deeply thankful that I came across Mark’s website and took myself out of comfort zone to book an appointment.
Kellie Murphy

If you suffer from any form of psychosis or have psychotic episodes then using hypnotherapy is not recommended as an appropriate therapeutic option. Instead please check out Mark’s talking therapy and learning course offering as an alternative option to addressing your anxiety issues.

Course Content and Lesson Structure

What Will I Learn?

  • How to control and Manage your Anxiety in any situation
  • How to Create Greater Emotional Control
  • How to Develop the Optimum Mindset to Face all Manner of Challenges and Life Events
  • How to Eliminate Phobias
  • How to Improve Your Motivation Levels
  • How to Regain Your Confidence and Self Esteem
  • How to Improve all Types of Relationships
  • How to Create Acceptance and Find Forgiveness for Others
  • How to Sleep Much Better
  • How to Optimise Your Lifestyle to Minimise Anxiety levels

Topics for this course

60 Lessons15h

Welcome to the Course?

A short introductory video to welcome you to the course
Introduction: Welcome to Master Your Anxiety00:4:00

Hypnosis Introduction

Anxiety Fundamentals?

The lessons will provide the foundational learnings for all the anxiety material presented on this course

Learn How to Develop the Perfect Mindset to Master Your Anxiety and Excel in Life?

In this section you will guided through all the necessary requisites and steps to take to develop the Optimum Mindset

Understanding and Improving Your Relationships, Present and Future?

Learn the fundamental concepts that work together to create the best relationships

Forgiveness and Acceptance?

Learn here how to forgive and find acceptance of others to help you resolve anxieties those people provoke

Memory and Anxiety?

How your memory can be affected by your anxiety

Understanding Your Basic Human Emotional Needs?

Everyone has basic emotional needs that need to be satisfied to keep your anxiety levels low. Find out here what those are.

Coping Methods For Anxiety?

An extensive list of coping methods to deal with anxiety in the moment

Social Media – Coping Strategies?

Learn how to manage your social media interactions to minimise your anxiety levels.

Exercise and Physical Activity – Coping Strategies?

Learn how exercise or physical activity plays such a vital role in helping you to manage your anxiety and how you best to incorporate it in your life.

Distraction – Coping Strategies?

Learn how to use a variety of distraction strategies to manage your anxiety in the moment

Substances: How Food, Drink and Drugs Affect Your Anxiety?

In this section you will learn how what you ingest or breathe in your body can have a direct affect on your anxiety levels and what you can do or cut out to minimise the negative affects of anxiety.

The Importance of Sleep?

Learn in this section the vital role that sleep plays in managing your anxiety and maintaining your optimum health levels.

Daily Crib Sheet?

Have on hand a daily reminder of the foundational tenants for managing your anxiety

Final Words

Bonuses Hypnotherapy Section?

7 Bonus Hypnotherapy sessions

Material Includes

  • 15 hours of Course Content
  • 10 hours of Hypnotherapy
  • 5 hours of Talking Therapy
  • Teaching, Guidance and Advice on all aspects of Anxiety
  • A Extensive Variety of Anxiety Coping Strategies
  • 7 Bonus Hypnotherapy Sessions, including Hypnosis to:
  • Cure Insomnia
  • Eliminate Phobias
  • Stop Bad Habits
  • Effective Weight Management
  • Resolve Trauma
  • Increase Motivation to Exercise
  • How to Self Hypnotise


  • Laptop, Mobile or Tablet
  • Internet Access

Target Audience

  • All Levels