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Mark Lidster

Take Back Control Of Your Life

If you would like to free yourself from the negative emotions and thoughts that have been holding you back then you’ve come to the right place.
Now I think it’s a pretty good guess that you’re here because anxiety has been negatively affecting your life.
And whether you’ve heard it before in my videos or media posts or you’re here for the first time, I’m telling you now,


Look I Personally Know It’s No Fun When

You Feel Broken




Chained to Addiction

Constantly Worried


Low In Confidence

Have No Purpose

Feel Lonely And Lost

And you Don’t Feel Like The Real You

I was all of that and much much more right up until my lowest point. In my darkest hours I had to make a choice, a choice between destruction and survival. Luckily I chose survival and spent the next 15 yrs researching everything I connected to Anxiety. I wanted to remove all the needless layers of complication and time people spend in therapy and understanding what anxiety is. To create rapid and effective solutions that could be used on any type of anxiety.

Methods That Are Based On Facts

Methods That Are Quick and Effective To Use

Methods I want to share with you now to help you take control of your life and Master your own Anxiety.

And these aren’t abstract theories dreamed up in a classroom.

My Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. Methods are tried and tested solutions that I’ve been using with great results over many years in a clinical setting, to help countless clients free themselves from this life damaging condition.

So Let’s Take A Look At How all Of This Works

Well As You Might Have Guessed R.E.S.E.T. Is An Acronym

Click on the + signs below to find out how the Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. Methods Work

Relaxation is the key to Mastering Your Anxiety

It creates a pleasant physical feeling which literally stops the chemicals that fuel your anxious feelings.

There are so many different ways to achieve relaxation no matter how you are feeling.

Learning and practicing relaxation is a fantastic way of improving your physical and mental health.

Many scientific studies have shown that reducing anxiety through relaxation is a really effective way of helping you to stave off many physical and mental conditions.

If you regularly practice relaxation, you’ll be much more able to keep your anxiety under control.

…“Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.”
– Chinese Proverb….

When you understand exactly what anxiety is and how it’s affecting your life, it will go a long way to helping you break your cycle of suffering.

Let’s imagine a time when you suddenly find yourself very anxious

  • Your heart starts beating very quickly
  • You become really tense
  • You feel sick
  • Your thoughts become panicked
  • Your mouth goes really dry
  • Your fear increases and the world seems to be closing in
  • All you want to do is run away

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’ll know how frightening it can be and if you don’t take action you may suffer the ultimate anxiety reaction a panic attack. In this example, if you’d have known why your body was reacting this way and understood that the situation was not life threatening, it would have made it so much easier for you to quickly calm down and get back in control.

Many people that have used my Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. Method have found that just understanding what anxiety is and how it affects them, is enough to help them change the way they’re feeling.

...“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”—Confucius…

When anxiety hits you, what you need are easy to use coping solutions to help you quickly calm down.

These need to be easy and quick to use because in tough situations, complication is the last thing you need.

So, within the Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. methods you’ll guided through a comprehensive range of coping solutions to suit any environment you might find yourself in.

And don’t worry, your access to the coping strategies will always be there for you to refer to as the course offers lifetime access, 24/7/365.

...“I’m still coping with my trauma, but coping by trying to find different ways to heal it rather than hide it.”
– Clemantine Wamariya…

When you suffer from anxiety you find a lot of your time is spent feeling bad about yourself.

  • You may lose confidence
  • You might hate what you see in the mirror
  • Leaving the house could worry you
  • Your thoughts become panicked
  • You might fear the judgement of others
  • You might lose the motivation to look after yourself

If you stay in this state for too long, you’ll also start to wear down your body and weaken your immune system. This is where my methods will build you up again, so that your inner strength can deal with whatever you’re faced with. Gaining this strength will empower you to have the confidence and self-belief to push yourself to new levels of achievement and succeed in things you never dreamed you could do. So, no matter what you try, however it goes, you’ll never consider yourself a failure. Socialising won’t be dreaded, but something you’ll look forward to. And now when you look in the mirror, you’ll see a reflection of someone you really like, maybe even love.

…“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”
– Eleanor Roosevelt…

Within the course I use a variety of different therapy methods to help you understand and cement in all learnings and behaviour modifications that will help you master and control your anxiety.

Now it’s up to you decide which methods best suit you and your situation.

Some of you will prefer a more passive approach and so will opt for the Hypnotherapy and Coping Solutions Course.

Others will prefer to be more hands-on approach and so will choose the talking therapy Talking Therapy and Copings Solutions course.

Just to note, in my experience I have found that most clients want to combine all of the therapies together in the complete package offering both Hypnotherapy and Talking therapies. But I always want to help as many people as I can which is why I have created 3 separate courses to offer you the widest possible choice to suit your individual needs, circumstances and preferences.

…”The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no one recipe for living that suits all cases.“…
– Carl Jung

Recent Testimonials

These are just some of the many personally rewarding reviews I’ve received from countless clients that I’ve worked with both on the courses and in person over my 15 years in practice.

 I undertook this therapy, as I do with most things, with an open heart but a slightly questioning mind…
Mark’s therapy changed my life.
At the beginning of April I had got to the stage where I was so debilitated by anxiety (& low self-esteem) that simple tasks like crossing a road were almost impossible. Despite having had a year of CBT and counselling, that had helped resolve so many things, my deep rooted anxiety was spiralling uncontrollably.
On the course Mark’s therapy and guidance helped me to dissect the fear, rationalise it, and, through a series of facts mixed with hypnotherapy, work through it.
My anxiety radio now plays a lovely tune. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for it to click in, but it does. A bit like finally finding the calming classical music station versus always listening to the overwhelming high octane news station.
I’m finally able to enjoy life again.
My motto now – new week, new me!
Sara B
Mark Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for helping me control my anxiety, i feel a lot more relaxed, confident and most of all more happy:) and look forward to each new day. I loved your sessions whether it was hypnotherapy or just plain talking. I loved your honesty, knowledge and the fact you were not trying to upsell. Thank you for being genuine and kind.
Ayan Patel
Business Owner

Mark’s course was recommended to me and I am very thankful that it was. He has a unique perspective and way of setting things out and explaining them which I have found to really help my understanding of things. Any doubts I had about hypnotherapy were put at rest very quickly by Mark’s professionalism and the relaxing atmosphere he creates. I feel more confident in myself, less stressed, less anxious and less aggressive. This has happened within only a matter of weeks which has surprised me as much as anyone. Thank you Mark for helping me to make such a positive change. I would suggest if you are reading this review then follow through and give Mark’s course a try. I’m glad I did.
Ben Knightly

Wow. So after years of searching for truth to life and humanity to help me mainly understand my self. Going back from one person to another. Some did help but, not the way Mark has helped me.
I was contemplating before whether or not to try this. My cousin though, who I trust, highly recommended it.
I also never had therapy before but found this course really amazing.
The way he break things down is phenomenal and brings epiphanies to me as he is speaking.
He’s also very kind and has great energy.
Extremely recommended.
As cliche as this sounds, don’t think if you feel stuck in life.
Or you feel like your don’t have the money, trust me it’s worth the money and cutting back expenses.
Love you Mark
Kabir Sharma
Digital Marketing

Mark’s course has helped me tremendously. His mix of therapy and hypnosis eased my anxiety issues and has left me with coping strategies that I can continue to use. This course is worth every penny, I cannot recommend it enough. Really changed my life!
Alexandra Hurst
Graphical Artist
Mark was very quickly able to build a space that felt safe and full of trust. His natural communication style and sharing a bit about himself helped me to feel at ease to share honestly my experience and concerns within minutes. The work we did together had a positive impact on my life pretty much immediately and larger and more profound changes occurred over the weeks that followed. The sessions themselves were in my experience deeply relaxing and also re-energising which was super. It is the on-going changes to my quality of life though, that is the biggest benefit. My anxiety levels have reduced by a huge amount and I feel much much more confident and grounded in myself which is very liberating. I’m also able to more easily find the positives in any situation and life is lighter and more joyful. These changes have taken place over a relatively short period of time, and I am deeply thankful that I came across Mark’s website and took myself out of comfort zone to book an appointment.

Kellie Murphy

As You Can See My Anxiety R.E.S.E.T. Methods Are Literally Transforming Peoples Lives

And You Only Have To Do 2 Things To Make These Work For You

1. Be Open To The Idea That

2. Be COMMITTED To The Process That I’ll Guide You Through Every Step Of The Way

That’s All I Ask

Still Not Sure?

Then Why Not Check Out These Recent Course Video Testimonials

Charly L – London
Kabir S. – Austin, Texas

Why Do You Have 3 Courses To Choose From?

We are not clones, everyone is different. What works for some people won’t work for others. That’s why I’ve created 3 versions of my course. To give as many people as I can the chance to resolve their anxiety issues in the way that best suits their own situation and learning preferences.

To choose the course that most closely matches your needs, what I suggest you do is, read the brief summaries of each course below. Then click on your choice to study the course in more detail, including all the lesson content and materials provided.

Choose Your Course

Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapies, Teachings, Guidance and Advice, Plus Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapies, Teachings, Guidance and Advice, Plus Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

This course is the COMPLETE PACKAGE and the most popular course. If you’re after the most comprehensive solution that I offer, then this is course for you. It contains all the methods and materials I use to treat my own clients back in my London Clinic, including hypnotherapy, talking therapies, teaching, guidance and advice, plus…

Talking Therapies, Teachings, Guidance Plus Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

Talking Therapies, Teachings, Guidance Plus Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

Over many years of clinical practise I have found that some of my clients prefer taking a soley talking therapy approach to their treatment. If that methodology resonates with you, then this is the ideal course to help you resolve your anxiety issues. All from the comfort and convenience of your own home in your…

Hypnotherapy And Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

Hypnotherapy And Multiple Coping Strategies To Treat Your Anxiety

From extensive clinical experience I have found that some clients prefer taking a mainly hypnotherapy approach to their treatment. If that methodology resonates with you, then this is the ideal course to help you resolve your anxiety issues. With a one-off payment and a life times access, with this course you will have the opportunity…